EQ4Kids is joining the fight against Bullying

Bullying is a current issue which affects parents and children alike. EQ4Kids is joining the fight against bullying. We aim to not only raise awareness about bullying but to also extend a helping hand to the bullies so as to curb the incidence of bullying in our schools. We aim to address Bullying by raising awareness under children of all ages, to provide training to teachers to effectively deal with bullies and to create environments where bullying cannot survive and to provide information and training to parents to educate their children and themselves on this topic.

"You never look good, trying to
make someone else look bad"

- Toby Mac

Anti-Bullying Workshops

In today’s information driven society you can no longer afford to not be informed of the latest developments. EQ4Kids offers a number of workshops which aims to provide parents, teachers and pre-schools with the most recent information available on issues such as sibling rivalry, temperaments, anger management and bullying. All our workshops are available in Afrikaans and English. Do not delay, book your workshop today!
Anti-Bulling Workshops:
  • Pre-School Children
  • Primary School Children
  • High School Children
  • Parents Training
  • Educators Training
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